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Character Concept Art Trader Shadow


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Hi guys,  

I've finished my concept art after a long time and imagine a character that should probably be included in the game.  

The idea: Shadow "Sasha Hordowa" is an ex employee of Terra Security, a private security company hired by Terragroup. After the chaos in Tarkov, however, the mercenaries have split into two parties that settle down in Labs, and down everyone who should not be in Labs, and than there is the Shadow troop try to free Labs from that rat infestation. It should have a function as "HIDE OUT PRO" where you can do quests for your HIDE OUT such as improving the medsector can give you the opportunity to heal your teammates on feald faster or similar (skill points)etc.

To bring more depth into the game (Story Line / Teamwork) and thus to inspire more people for the game.Something like The Division / Day Z like Basebuilding possibly Blueprints with the suitable materials for example: get 3 car batteries, 3 cables, 1 Toolkit for a simple power supply to keep the in Mil-Sim/Survive style.

For quests would be good on all maps that you have to get there certain things to improve its HIDE OUT such as. (Defi, stimulators, Tetris against boredom in HIDE OUT😜etc.) Quests for each sector with weekly special missions with reasonable rewards on specific maps (water reservoir: improve by 10% on customs, medsector: discount on meds by 10%)

of course depending on the charisma and rank level with the Trader Shadow.

i think this would gave the game a bit spice that didnt hurts the overall game mechanic.


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