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Why are there useless keys in the game? And keys missing?


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I looked around for a while for a topic about this but didn't find one and there isn't one in the FAQ. Anyways why are there useless keys in the game? Like West Wing 303 and 325 ? both doors are never locked.. not sure if there are others keys like that or not? Also will there ever be a key added into the game to unlock the one safe in Shoreline Admin building between the two wings?

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On 8/17/2019 at 3:13 PM, Crippled_Midget said:

1. Its an alpha.

2. you need to have loot tiers sooo.... usless keys = low tier key

3. its a game and creative decisions dont need a "why"

1. still doesn't explain why there would be a key that unlocks nothing. "it's an alpha/ beta" is a stupid reasoning.

2. a low tier key would be one that unlocks a room with a small amount of possible loot, not one that literally has no door to unlock.

3. yes they do. that's a stupid response.

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