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New Australian Player Looking for Clan

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Hi Guys,

I'm not sure if this is the place to post but was told by viewers on many game streamers that i should make a post in the forums.

I have recently bought the game on standard version for now to see if this game is fun to continue and i have been told many things

from maps to play as a new player ( customs ) to many other things like try PVE and i have done these things and even tried to play solely as 

a SCAV to get used to the maps and using maps off google and other YT videos to get used to the map and feel i know the map extractions pretty well

but i need a clan or experienced players to help with PVP and what weapons and mods etc or just straight up back up whilst im learning the things i need to

within this game as i have friends but they dont play this game so i need experienced players to help guide me if possible i nthe ins and outs of this game

other than they YT and twitch stuff i spend endless hours watching.

I am Australian so i play on the Sydney server in the USA region if anybody is interested in teaching me what i need to learn as this game has a HUGE learning curve

hence the post here. 

Sorry if its not in the right location, First time on the forums :) 

Game name is: AussieGz    if someone wants to add me as friend

Thanks guys

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#moved to LFG 


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