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Fix the Animation of "Putting One Round into the Chamber of Unloaded Weapons that have Bolt Catch"

Should BSG fix the animation of "Putting One Round into the Chamber of Unloaded Weapons that have Bolt Catch"?  

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  1. 1. Should BSG fix the animation of "Putting One Round into the Chamber of Unloaded Weapons that have Bolt Catch""?

    • Yes! Gun Porn has to be done correctly in EFT! ^_^
    • No! And what da f'ck are you talking about, bro? I don't even understand a sh*t you're saying, I ain't no a freaking gun nut!

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Dear BSG Devs (Weapon Department) & EFT Community,


I just found out that the animation of "Manually Putting One Round into the Chamber of Unloaded Weapon" is kinda wrong. This only happens to guns that have Bolt Catch mechanism like M4A1, ADAR, HK416, SA-58, etc.

In this video (at 5:00 & at 6:33) and in this video (at 0:24) , you can clearly see that our PMC has unloaded his magazine outta his ADAR, HK416, & SA-58. He also has extracted the last round from the chamber. Then he wants to manually insert one round into the chamber. So He needs to pull back the bolt open to feed that one round into the receiver. What really weird is that he just pulls back the bolt by racking the Charging Handle with his left hand (while holding the pistol grip with his right hand) and magically the Bolt Catch locks the Bolt open by itself. Our PMC doesn't even touch that Bolt Catch button, it just works by itself. He pulls back the Charging Handle and the Bolt magically gets locked to the rear by the Bolt Catch.

This animation is correct only when the gun is loaded with an empty magazine (magazine follower will go up and push up the Bolt Catch as you pull back the bolt). But when the gun is totally empty (no magazine at all), the Bolt Catch has to be activated manually with his hand!


So imho here's the correct steps to manually put one round into the chamber (the animation should be like this):

1) Hold your gun with your left hand and pull back the Charging Handle with your right hand (it'll pull back the bolt as well)

2) Push down on the Bolt Catch button with your left hand (while you pull back that charging handle with your right hand). It'll free the Charging Handle so you can push it back forward with your right hand. It'll also lock the Bolt to the rear exposing the Receiver so you can put one round into it with your right hand.

3) Put a round through the ejection port into the receiver with your right hand, then you strike the Bolt Catch button with your left hand to release the bolt forward chambering that one round into the chamber.


Here's a very good video to demonstrate the correct way to pull back AR Bolt and hold it open:



The animation of Guns that have no Bolt Catch (like AK) is already solid! To insert a round into the chamber of an AK, our PMC braces the stock of his AK against his shoulder, then he holds the bolt back with his right hand, and then he inserts one round with his left hand. ^_^ That's already correct!


i know this is just a tiny detail that most players will never ever notice. Hell, probably most players don't even realize their PMC can manually insert one round into the chamber lol XD 

But hey, BSG Devs gotta do the Gun Porn right coz they claim to have the most realistic hardcore FPS simulator ;) 

I'll keep checking all the guns mechanic here to see if there's anything else goofy. Stay tuned! :D 



Thanks in advance,




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