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Looking for solid guys and girls who want to play in the UK and EU, US

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according to one sixteen year old im a salty old C--T, maybe.

If your into spamming labs and telling everyone constantly how awesome you are please stop reading and find a different thread.

That said, we are a group of mature gamers,  as i suspect you have,  we,ve seen it played it thrown it away or deleted it, i would really like some regular players who want to run raids, scav runs , pistol runs,  cheesing ridiculous tasks etc, basically  just get on while having a laugh.

not looking for super serious but if were in a group and in raid its the group first, a bit of tactics and discipline,  if that fits with your thought process then great.

I am looking for cool headed guys who want to play as a duo or in small fire teams, not too serious not to casual , juuussst right..

there are a few of us we play 24/7 as we are based across a wide geographic area, some of us have families , business and work for a living if you think it may be good to come and find some genuine new players to hang with then that's great, there are really only a couple of rules and they are pure common sense.

1, you must join the voice channel in discord and use a mike, not just sit in the side channel.

2, either help others or be helped

3 communication in game with group at all times, lone wolves will not last ingame or on discord, excepting if you are playing solo of course.

4 you are here to share, if it's all you then see rule 3

we are not a massive gaming community made up of a million strangers, we are just a quiet few enjoying ourselves online.

If this seems like there could be some good times to be had then please contact me through discord  


Gundeamon (Mark)#3963

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