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More loot on map means more chances to make money

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One of the side-effects of secure containers being made remove-only may be that MORE high-value loot is left on the map. 

As it stands right now, to the hatchling go the high-value-loot spoils. Which means that, unless players also adopt a rush-the-loot-spawns approach, they have a very small chance of getting there first.

Is it possible, then, that forcing hatchlings to leave their juicy loot "on the field" when they die means that *MORE* players will actually have access to that loot? What if this change to secure containers serves to make loot more fluid and organic in how it is acquired and fought over?

Before a lot of people write-off EFT and draw their battle lines in the sand, all I ask is that they at least give it a genuinely open-minded try first. Because it seems to me that it is very possible that we all could be very pleasantly surprised at how this turns out once the playerbase has adapted to this very significant change to the game.


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I think docs case and keytool should be the only secure containers.

Also, I've been saying this for a while:

Rare Loot (esp things like ledx, and resort loot) is way too easy to get right now.
Traders should trade more poo, less straight up buying.
The world needs less rare spawns, but more overall stuff.
Rare/High Tier/High Power items need to be way more difficult to obtain.
Flea Market needs buy and sell limits.


I feel like doing these things would dramatically change the balance of the game in a good way.

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