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a consideration on secure containers.

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have you considered  the ability to manually lock and unlock secure containers in raid?

pretty sure I am just catching up to the general  train of thought ( more on this after the -----).

But consider, how terrifying it would be for some one trying to stash gear.
-How loud unlocking/locking a secure container would be..     (  Keypad, fingerprint  or even a  briefcase dial lock. )
-How long would it take to go though the  unlock/lock animation. 

I understand the changes for secure containers to effectively  end the hatching runs in 0.12.   But secure containers as a concept do give some comfort to getting killed in raid. ( which helps the sting of loss.)

As a side note:   not  100% sure  what to think of keys and documents  with this idea.
On one  hand  it would be nice for keys&documents to have their own inherent-always-secure-character -slot (  some sort of  mystical prison butt purse type thing.) 
but on the other hand it would also add considerable risk to unlocking a container to secure loot.

considering how development works I would be pretty confidant that  the Tarkov team has already considered  something like this, but ended up with the .12 solution after finding a problem they would want to avoid. 

heck,  just thinking on it a bit more I  imagine  there would  be issues  with people playing in groups. it would basically make unlocking/locking  as safe as it is now.   

it would probably screw up peoples economy more than the .12 patch would.   people losing the  contents of a  secure container could be pretty devastating.

also it would probably discourage people from keeping meds/ammo  or anything they would need in a pinch in their loud hard to open ringing dinner bell of a container.

how easy it is to talk myself out of posting an idea, but  since I already typed it out. 

A, bashka bolit.. Bukhat' nado men'she  




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The ability to open and close the secure container with an animation implemented would be the perfect solution, this has been suggested already and I hope developers would seriously take it into consideration.

Keys and docs from my point of view should never have a separate non lootable slot. Open your secure container during raid should be high risk just like bringing in your expensive modded M4. Playing in groups gives you a clear advantage but again if you want to play by yourself it’s your problem isn’t it?

I find really stupid anyway to implement a mechanic that allows you to take stuff out but not to put in the secure container, that’s totally unrealistic.

I think too much has been said already about this topic and it hasn’t been tested yet. Whatever they’ll do it won’t change anything at least for me.

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