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Replace Secured container by "KeyOnly" secured container

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Removing Secure container Is a good idea for that kind of game. 
But while key system dont change, it will drasticlly break current flow of the game.

If no way to secure keys (at current state of the game features)

  •  kind of gameplay should appears : "camp near secured doors to kill and steal keys"
    • Because required for quest 
    • Because price will increase a lot in flea market.
  •  All quest system and progression will be broken. Even  starting quests like "Operation Aquarius - Part 1"
    • Sellers locked by reputation 
    •  Quests reward completly mismatch player level as they may be done later (more difficult if you lose key evry time)

They key System was intended to be reworked (devs talked about replace keys by explosives),  but to start test feature
"NO SECURE CONTAINER" without making all changes required to balance this, every player should have a way to secure keys (even if remove this in the future of the game)

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Agreed, I need mostly for my Secure Container the keys.

But to safe some meds and ammunition is always nice, but #noMagCaseallowed

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1 hour ago, ManyTwo said:

devs talked about replace keys by explosives

I don't know about replacing keys but that could be a very nice alternative to owning keys. Also among the skills we have the currently useless lockpick skill. In the future I would like to see these two explored as additional alternatives to key ownership. My vision would mean:

  1. You have the key and can use to open the door for quick and silent entry
  2. You don't have the key but want get inside nonetheless so you slowly and quietly lockpick the lock. While your doing this you are open to an attack.
  3. You say screw it and blow the whole door to kingdom come but also announce to all the players (and possible AI -scavs) where you are and what you intending to do.

This would mean keys are not necessary but the other options come with their own inherit risks. This would also mean losing keys isn't the end of the world and thus they wouldn't need to be such prized posessions meaning we could go forth towards further versions without the secure container and other magical property protections. More realism and more freedom to play the game like you want.

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There was a talk back in the days that keys are gonna be use based. 

Whats with all this container talk?

Secure container is kinda op - yes but definitely not a big issue. Most of the veterans and good players only use it to hold keys and nothing else. 

For me the Secure container is so meaningless that i wouldn't care if it disappeared from game. :)

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