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Scavs nerfing

scav nerf  

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  1. 1. should scavs get nerfed atleast a little bit

    • yes
    • no

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scavs are currently extremely over powerd they manage to snipe me and my buddy with shotguns from 100 to 300 feet away on customs the 1 sniper scav by scav extract has sniped us in 1 shot without fail from that lil gaurd tower while were just exiting gas station it shouldnt be that deadly it seems like scavs just suddenly snap on us and kill us as soon as we see them scavs should be more of a nusance that should be dealt with but not the priority target weve died more times to scavs than we have of players the AI need a good balance between fair and challenging in my mind thats hiding behind cover peeking once or twice getting shot in the body or arms atleast 1 time while peeking but im able to spot him and kill him before he can get a final head shot on me i dont want them so easy i can just run around the map massicreing them but i dont want them so hard that they can snap and snipe me with a mp 133 shotgun for 100 to 300 feet away

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