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I'm returning to the game after a year away. I took a break because scavs were completely broken and had terminator 360 aim whenever you aimed at their head. Although the crazy aim detection they had is gone now, I noticed that their aim is still ridiculously accurate even while moving (sniper scav can headshot you in a single shot while strafing) and the standard scavs can hit you every single time they fire, also while moving. Testing this while you're playing, you'll quickly note that while moving, ads wobbles around and makes you work to hit your target, with most players opting to just hipfire in these situations as a result. I would ask that you overhaul scavs to have 50% less accurate aim while moving. This game is PvP focussed afterall, and I seem to die more to scavs than the players I kill. Labs is one exception, because these 'raiders' I believe are supposed to imitate PMCs, and I like the tension they create on that map. Standard scavs are civilians trying to make a quick buck, and should be poor in terms of combat ability.

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