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Scav option. When extracting at the same exit as another scav at the same time show the other player(s) name so they can add each other.

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As the title says, Just want to suggest something that might encorage some form of friendliness with scavs. It hard enough to find a friendly scav and form a impromptu squad with them, but it's always a shame you can never find out who that mysterious stranger was so this is why i'm asking for this as a feature.

I don't really see it being used to find that one scav that shoots you after doing "friendly" actions as the idea behind the suggestion is scavs that extract at the same time at the same exit. Granted this could probably be used as bait, get someone to party with you, both going to extraction and betraying the other guy, but all i can do is hope they wont.

A extra thought came to me before i clicked post, it'd also be nice if this could work with player scavs and usec/bears forming a unofficial party. Granted, i am taking the term party lightly as im not suggesting they be counted as one for being together for x time or whatever, just extracting around the same time (Within seconds of each other and not killing on sight).

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