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Common Weapon Seen/Used in Tarkov

Most Common Weapon Seen/Used  

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  1. 1. What are the most common weapons you've seen people use or yourself?

    • AK series (AK-74, AKMS, etc)
    • M4 and HKs
    • Rifles (Vepr Hunter, SKS, etc)
    • Sniper Rifles (SVD, Mosin)
    • Shotguns (MP-133, MP-153, etc)
    • Pistols
    • SMGs (MP5, MP7)
    • Melee

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Think it greatly depends on the raid...Pretty much anywhere but labs I mostly see AKs and Mosins, with maybe the occasional M4 or SVD-K

Inside labs however, it always seems like non-stop HK416s

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Not going to vote because I'm not sure what you want to know. What I see people using is different from what I mainly use.

I mostly see 5.45 AKs I guess. I don't do a ton of PvP because I'm not terribly good at it so I can't actually give a good answer.

What I mainly use is ADAR. I love it to bits. No need for that third hole in the receiver, semi-auto is fine. Lightweight so I can hold a corner while ADS-ing for an eternity if you make me.


1 hour ago, Ya_Boi_Gman said:

MDR and RPK are surprisingly rare for how good they are as stock weapons.

Add VSS and SA-58 to that list. That first one I'm remedying for you as best as I can, it's my second favourite weapon after the ADAR (shares the spot with AK-74M, though). Just throw on a PSO, a B-3 combo and a Fastfire on a 45deg mount and it's a good close-to-mid range weapon. Only problem is that when the AR-15/AKs take some effort to hit at 300m, the VSS is objectively bad at 200m already.

The reason those weapons aren't used that much is that people are just naturally bad at money management and don't usually realize that ye, sure the M4 and MDR cost about as much but the MDR is good to go as is whereas the M4 will likely have at least another 50-60k poured into it.

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