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14 days free trial keys


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Hi, i have a friend who recently got this game and started playing it, he streams on discord and i have been watching  his progress. the game seems super intriguing, i was wondering if there have been any promos for 2020 with trial keys? and if anybody might have an AUS edition key to spare so i may join my friend.

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Hey there, im new just bought the game, and really want to show to my friend. he is a bit skeptic with the game cuz its early status. By any chance to have one? couple day trial key?

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Hello!!! there's any kind person who can spare me a key, i dont have much money so i really need to try this game before i buy it... I appretiate your kindness, sorry about my english im from chile and my main language is spanish.

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Yes and No EndRun, The level of content they are bringing us is on par with if not innovatively above even AAA titles in JUST the beta alone. From what i've SEEN, the content, the quality and the innovations to this genre seem to go well above the price range and even into the realm of Genre defining . The issue is EFT is not CoD. Since the name isn't (Not Yet!) well know and instantly recognizable as a iconic classic, It's hard for some(Me included after crap like FO76 and Anthem)to just trust what little they can see from the outside looking in. This however looks EXACTLY like what some of us have been waiting a LONG time for though and i cant freaking wait for the moment I'm brave enough to support them with my money! ARMA Meets BFBC Meets CoD with a smidge of x-com? YES FREAKING PLEASE! 

on a side note: PLEASE BRING US BACK A 30% Discoun! for those of us who were busy during the sale and missed it! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY!

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Trial key or a Sale:

My Friend's Would like to test you're exceptional game. But no Trials.

My Friend's Would like to buy you're game. But no Sale.

IMO 35 Euro is a great price for standard edition.

But the charges of v.a.t!!!

Way too expensive.

To have a general purchase perception to go on.

Brings the value of a standard edition to 45+ Euro for basic Edition.

No trial's Mean without a Sale Period the user has to spend 45+ Euro

Just to find if they like the game or not.

personally i am really enjoying Tarkov.

I Just Wish I Could Invite Some Friends but they are very hesitant on making a purchase like this as there is so many game's that

Have Flopped in the last two years.

Anyhow Great job EFT 

Great Recent patch

Get Some Sleep

Plis Trial :)



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