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Savs worse than CSGO Hackers

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Hey lads,

Not sure if im the only that feels like this. But in terms of realism it would be nice if scavs messed up now and then or miss you.

Last couple of games i have been sniping on customs (yes, im good. Rather good in fact) and a scav with his back turned heard me shoot his mate and 180 no scoped me in the head from approx 150m. Other times include being in Factory and hidden well beyond a players human ability to spot me. A scav came around the corner and slotted me. I didn’t even have time to react.


Im not bashing the scavs and like how they add a challenge. But when you have a great spot that a PLAYER would not suspect and you get slotted by a scav with a pistol. It kinda makes me log off.


thanks for reading,


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