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Will the AK-47 get added?


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Since Devs have said that "All AKs are coming" I'd hope to see the Milled Variants (Type 2 & 3) and original Type 1 stamped AK-47s in game. (the Type 3 specifically since I have one)

Anyways, any news on this from Devs or anyone in the know would be much appreciated. Here's my AK-47 Type 3 as thanks. :)



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9 hours ago, stAKato said:

Since AKM series are modernized  AK47 that are not made of stamped sheet metal, I don't think that's a really urgent thing to do. 

The AKM is the stamped rifle, the AK-47 is milled. I think it'd be an excellent scav weapon or something that could be found in raid. The AK-47 is also a bit more sturdy (heavier receiver) than the AKM and thus has a bit less recoil, especially when using a muzzle device other than just the thread nut.

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