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Good ol' shotgun scav ruining my experience & inventory


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I really enjoy the game so far.

Though what ruins my experience & ingame inventory are the scavs.

Maybe I need to git gud! But you decide.

So what happens to me all the time is, getting killed by scavs during looting. I often checked every corner/basicly everywhere around me in 360* before looting.
And than suddenly during night raids, you see a flashlight aimed at you, BANG, yer dead bro.
Or during the day, it's just a loud bang, you're dead.

It feels like mister good ol' shotgun scav is just spawning behind you, instant runs towards my position and shoots the life out of me.


What also happens often, you walk and walk, go through a fence and suddenly there is good ol' shotgun scav waiting for you. BANG, RIP!!!

And for the love of god I can't complete this medallion quest in the truck on customs, there is this scav sniper on the roof. 
I tried sneaking around him, you check the roof, he walks just away. Okay let's open the truck door. Trying to jump on the box wich is really hard btw. First attempt failed, mister sniper scav instead headshots me.

So than I grab an AK with scope. I kill the sniper scav on the roof. Check near the area. I see another scav as he see's me, he almost kills me, hit me in every body part for some reason.

I heal up. Just as I press escape. Mister good ol' shotgun scav is behind me again. BANG. 

Kinda get's old fast.

I think you really need to do something about the AI. It feels like aimbot/wallhack/spawn behind ur ass while yer looting. Not an AI at all.

Also wonder when we can climb stuff, got stuck on interchange the other day. With no way out.


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Maybe you should make multiple spawn points for scavs & player scavs, outside of the map for PMC's. So they have to run 10-20 sec into the real map. Just a thought.

Anyways keep up the good work.


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