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Clarification on Keys and Pouch

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I know we all will know soon enough when .12 lands but a recent Twitter pic from Nikita and the response had me a little confused, along with the current Secure Container situation. I'll be exact on both points as to what I am confused about and I hope a member of the team can clarify if they have the time.

-Keys: I see the marked key had a listing of 1/5 which led a lot of people to thinking that keys would have limited use now, however Nikita replied back to relax and that it was for Marked Room only. My question is what is that mechanic (stacking purposes, parts of a key, etc)? If it is a surprise can you tell the community if this is a consumable or another mechanic coming? The response does not really shed light on what that new numbering system is placed on the key.

-Secure Container: A lot of confusion about this with my play group as it was my understanding that a test was going to happen during the pre-wipe event. Seeing as all scavs are now raiders (as last year) I assume the pre-wipe event has now started. Has this test been canned, can we expect it at the start of the new patch, is it delayed, or anything else.

^^^^Just read the post on the pre-wipe events and it answers this question clearly.

These are big things that will affect gameplay immensely depending on what the answers are and right now there is nothing I can find concrete on it. Like I said I am sure we will all know here soon (tm) but just a nice clarification would be great to have from the team while we all wait for, imo, one of the biggest patches to come.

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