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Irish LFG

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Just trying to get a fresh crew of regular Irish, UK and or EU players together.

Look, everyone's welcome but let's get real, I'm not staying up to play with lads from California etc.

.12 wipe is coming, and happy to jump on with new players and veterans alike. 


GMT standard

Active 18:00 - 02:00

            12:00 - 02:00 (weekends)




Currently I play a lot of Squad, and I used to play the ArmA II mods Project Reality 2 and A.C.E. 2 with a clan, so to say the least, I enjoy the nerdiness of online MilSim. I've put in close to 200 hours (about 70 of those playing Tetris in the stash) in Escape from Tarkov, and I'm getting fairly handy, but I'm still poo. With that said, it's now my go to game. 

Much and all as I love running around Tarkov like a spastic on my own, it is good craic teaming up and not playing like a hyperactive 12 year old. So, with that said, I just want to give some tactical play a go, you know basic poo, like bounding over watch moves, CQC room clearing, concise and accurate radio comms etc. 


Give us a shout, looking forward to accidentally nading you in Tarkov 

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We have many members from the EU/UK the play EFT within our community. Along with many other games that you play. I look forward to chatting with you soon!


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Hiya, you sound like you'd fit in well with our community.


There's about 30 odd lads who play regularly and who are mostly UK and EU based. We're all adults and there's at least two to three raid groups per night and even a few through the day too.  We mix games between new and experienced players to get everyone at about the same level eventually and help with quests and stuff. All we ask is members play fair, play as part of a team and like a bit of a laugh! 


If you're interested add me and hop onto our discord channel . Details are on our website  at www.bsbnetwork.com

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