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Appreciation post for Battlestate and review of EFT


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     Back in September of 2017 when I started my journey on a standard edition account, the game was somewhat a buggy mess. This was expected as I could never perceive a unity game to be anything but a free to play hunk of trash. But this game has been something more for me. In the few years following my purchase of standard edition, the game has completely destroyed stigma of Unity engine made games. These devs have worked very hard to have the product they have today. Despite a majority of the community nagging about issues on the bottom of the list, and people worrying about the many optimization problems that come with this game, the developers have still pushed on to create something I’ve never seen before in gaming. I’m 17, going on 18, and I’ve been playing FPS games since I was too young to have memories of some of them. This FPS however, is something very special that deserves much appreciation. Now I understand that this is a beta currently, and it’s still being worked on tirelessly, but what I have seen so far is very promising. So I just wanted to say thanks to all the developers involved in the creation of this game, and everyone that pours time into making this game so much damn fun. Since my standard edition purchase, I have ascended to the prepare for escape edition, and now I’m at edge of darkness. I wish I could see all the hours I have played in this game, but unfortunately it isn’t like Steam games. If I had to make an estimate, however, I would say that I have over 2000 hours in this game, and intend on putting more into it. As far as a review for this game in its current stage of development, I highly recommend this game. It is an experience like no other, and you’ll find yourself wandering through the Russian wasteland of Tarkov in shear awe. When .12 comes out, and years after that, I plan on playing this game by myself, and with the boys. Thanks for the awesome game Battlestate, this is a real gem in gaming. I am so happy to have spent the past couple of years enjoying this game.


Let me know how you guys stand on the development of this game. Send a reply, I’d love to hear your opinions.



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Agree with every single word. There have been ups and downs but the only thing that really did bother me was the issue we had with the cheaters. Other than that, BSG hasn't failed to meet my expectations and even surprised us all with something we desired. 

The game is so good I have to sell my gaming rig once in a while to force myself to stay off.

Ever since I played contract wars I was impressed. When I heard there was a standalone version coming I was completely thrilled. If I had known back then we were getting the game we got today, boy I'd have gone nuts. 

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