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Character Creation


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Hello Escapers,

My name is Jackson and I am one of the GM's [Game Masters] for BSG's Text Based Role Playing Game [TRPG].
One of my jobs is to overview your characters that you have created and sent to the world.After many reviews I've noticed many of you either aren't informed of the lore of the game or any factions,or you simply try to avoid it.

The Text Based Role Playing Game is set to be lore friendly,sticking to the lore and help you learn the truth of Tarkov.In this TRPG you can only play as a B.E.A.R or USEC,no other third parties dad exist or do not exist in Tarkov.

Many of you don't know who are B.E.A.R and USEC and what they are consisted of.

B.E.A.R Lore - After the Russian Government noticed the suspicious behavior of TerraGroup Labaratories,they made a meeting in Kremlin.After research  that showed  paper documents and information of Terra Groups purchases of strange and some unknown substances,some even radioactive,the government had to investigate.
Spetznaz troops were sent as apart of the secret mission to investigate Shipyard 5 [Bay 5] where most of the shipments were located.TGL noticed some shipping containers being open and unauthorized check ups in the yard.After recruiting United Security a.k.a USEC for personal security Russian Government could no more sent their military or MP units for these type of investigations because the risk of a conflict.
As the Russian law states that Private Military Companies cannot be established within Russian ground,the Russian Government bought a PMC in the United States and Named it Battle Encounter Assault Regiment,or B.E.A.R for short.

B.E.A.R was consisted of the following troops.
-Civilian Intelligence
- VDV [Vozdushno-desantnye voyska] or Airborn Troops of Russia
- Spetznaz 
- FSB 

United Security Lore - United Security was a combination of two PMC companies KerniSec and Safe Sea.Initially created as security and logistics contractor for the US offshore companies.Later was hired by TerraGroup Lavs International for overall security purposes.Mainly consisted of American and European ex-special forces and law enforcement forces as well as wide spectre of non military personnel all around the glove. 
So how do you correctly make a character for the game?

USEC was consisted of the following troops.
- Police
- Military Police [MP]
- Marines
- S.E.A.L


- GSG 9
- NATO Special forces

Now let's make the character.
One thing I must note is that the character MUST be male.There is and won't be any females in Tarkov.

So,let's start,shall we?

First,the name.
The name should be something normal,no nicknames or strange stuff,not to mention insulting or provocative words.

Second Is Description.
Here you describe something about the character.The way the character looks,behaves or what type of gear he has.
You basically type a realistic logical biography of your character,again nothing insulting or provocative.And of course the character cannot be OP[Over Powered] we only accept normal human beings.

Third is the past of the Character.
The past needs to be lore friendly because it will be tied how the character got into Tarkov.
Their past can include their job background

Fourth is how did the character get to Tarkov.

The character cannot be an outsider.Only people that are in Tarkov currently are the PMC groups and the locals.
Your character has to be either part of B.E.A.R,USEC or was a local resident.Keep in mind that the character past and description must match for the Tarkov situation.

Fifth is Predilections.

Here you state what your character likes or favors.As it states for the past information subjects.

Sixth is Friends.
This section is based on your friends or team mates.Who is your character raiding,looting or hanging out with in Tarkov at current time.
It can be characters from your group,or someone you met along the way.
Keep it lore friendly.

Seventh is Wounds and Battles.

Wounds section is refers to battle scars,burn marks,burns,etc..The wounds cannot be critical your character must be capable to move,defend and to put up a fight.No body parts.

Battles Section refers to battles that happened outside or inside of Tarkov.They can be regular gang fights,school fights to full on war in Afganistan.This is the place your character received the wounds.
Keep it lore friendly,realistic and logical.

Eighth is Aspirations.
This section talks about what drives your character to go on.What's the will that keeps him going and to do what he planned or is planning to do in Tarkov.

And last but not least is the greatest achievement that the character did.

This is all on you.Here you choose what kind of accomplishment your character made.As long as it's realistic,correct,fair and logical you can put it in.


Thank you for reading,hope this information helped you understand TRPG and character creation.
If you have any further questions,suggestions or anything at all,feel free to reply to this topic.

That's all raiders,good luck.


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