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6 Months later there are still SCAV issues.

today id like too make light on the issues with scav's for both PMC/BEAR and SCAV runs

we will start with SCAV run's first/

Ok so here is the breakdown

 I do not understand why it is weather TARKOV just hates me or if this happens too other people but I'm still getting shot through walls and still getting Tapped faster than I can even react. I even recorded a session and the AI SCAV rounded a corner and shot within  0.433 seconds and tapped me while I was a SCAV as well 🤔 but I had not killed or even fired a shot at another scav.

One thing I can note is I usually hear them curse in Russian and then I get blasted from an insane pixel peak angle that I cant even see half of their shoulder.

more often then not the AI will sprint into a room and one tap if I even loot anything or if I kill another player SCAV.


Ok so here is the big issue so think about what I just explained and up it by 2000%. so I have been killed by a AI scav with a TT/ grach/ pm you name the pistol ive been 1 tapped by it through my armor. so example here.

My gear

faceplate?: yes 
AP: 76.4
faceplate AP: 40
armor rating 3/ face plate: 3


AP: 75
Armor Rating: 6

so think about it, no pistol in the game can really go through less you use an orbez pistol with 7x62x54R AP rounds.  so I do not get why my armor is negated when a AI SCAV shoots me with a MP-133 with buck shot from over 70 meters in factory and one shots me. Armor bug may still be a thing but I have lost around 900K in armor and over 400K in weapons from just this and am struggling too stay afloat and im living just by selling what I have.

I do not want too reset my account just because the game is broke but I have had TARKOV since launch and I remember that it was far worse back then (I used the bridge glitch on customs).

let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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