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Strange Issue


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On 12/2/2019 at 5:22 PM, karuvsall said:

i found a fix :)

"C:\Users\XeroHaunt\AppData\Local\Battlestate Games"

go there....click bsg launcher  then CefCache you see a folder named Local Storage... Delete it. empty ur rec bin and then relaunch the game fixed all my launcher errors too.. tell me what u guys think ok?

give me feed back yourwelcome took me forever to figure this out for my own fix hehe

This fixed it for me!Thank you so much!!

I deleted the local file from my Documents, not AppData but still i had no idea what to do!

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Still no solution for me. Just lost yet another 800k rouble kit to this ducking idiocy. 

Cant spawn in but all my gear is stuck in raid so it all gets deleted. 


This is UN-ACCEPTABLE. It's been 4 weeks and 0 ducking help from support besides blaming everything else. 

they first blamed my network (which worked fine before 0.12), next my antivirus (dont have it), then my overclocks (dont have them).

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None of the proposed fixes work. Reinstalled the entire game, BE, and the problem sure as hell isn't in my network. Removing the local storage folder does seemingly nothing.

The "just go in as a pistolero" and don't be a party leader workarounds seem to work. I did 5 raids to factory, 1 with a real gun, 4 with just a pistol and grenades in my gamma. Only got kicked out of the one with a real gun. Played most of the weekend with a friend, and sometimes I didn't get kicked out, might've been because he was the party leader, which I usually am for some reason. 

Going in as a pistolero is a terrible way to play the game. It works in factory where you don't need any ears and you can drop a scav instantly. I got 3 quests done but f u c k i ng hell I have s h i t to do in customs as well... 

e: these automatic naughty word conversions are childish, wtf bsg... you can't spend 5 minutes in the game without hearing cyka blyat 

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Nope, after running more than 20 pistol runs and the same amount of geared runs, party leader or not, there's about 70% chance I get a bad service version error at the start. 

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This is still a big problem come on devs do somthing I've had 3 months of this now it's a joke there only interested in taking or money then support stops do they even read the forums ?

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