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Missing loots and player dog tag after extraction.


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I was on an Online match, not offline first of all. 

I played a match on woods, circled around the mountain side, evading a ton of players trading shots.  I found a dead player with a press vest, green helmet and an Adar.  I looted his tag, weapon, and gear.  His dog tag even said he was killed by a scav with an sv 98.  I went all the way to extraction, and once I got to the loot transfer menu, all of it was gone.  The weapon, vest, backpack, tag, and other things I looted out of a chest.  My NVIDIA shadow play has a two minute replay, which only allowed to me record the extraction and loot window.  I am just posting this to see whats going on with this issue?


Just noticed the T bag has the items I looted but not the scav back I put it in raid.  This is a very strange bug....


Screenshot_2019-10-31 (6) Escape From Tarkov 2019 10 31 19 04 11 03 DVR - YouTube.png

2019-10-31[19-22] (0).png

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