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RB-RH Reserve Key

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I am not sure if this is the correct place to post about this but I have found a key in which I have no idea where it goes. Its not even listed on the Flea Market as far as I saw. It has a wiki page but no info. Has anyone else found this key? It also is endlessly showing a loading icon on it as if its being examined but I can see its purple but has no icon aside from the loading circle. 320752462_2019-11-0121-12_-21_820_1170.6_0_01_00.0-0.3(0).thumb.png.5803cd6dc407bc218fae135eb06030a7.png

Just wanted to know if anyone else has come across it or if it even really has a door. Thanks!

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10 hours ago, isolateproxy said:

in in the white knight or white king w.e it is with the massive server room in the main floor. you go up stairs first door to right.

I do know the building and door you're talking about. I have not had any success opening it with my key. Same with the person in the video posted above. Unless I am in a different server room but I don't think thats the case.

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