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What is up with the servers?


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Patch 0.12 has dropped a week ago and we're still getting endless matching time, I mean c'mon guys... something has to be done about this issue ASAP. The game has been swarmed by new players and the veteran player base has also massively returned, can't BSG provide new/better servers to handle this huge influx of players?

I live in South America and there are only 4 servers with ping below 150 m/s: Sao Paulo and Miami 1, 2 and 3. It's nearly impossible to get into a gaming session if I'm in a duo, trio or even bigger squad, the ONLY way to play EFT at this point is by myself. 

Isn't Tarkov meant to be a squad oriented game? How can we even remotely do that if the game doesn't allow me to squad up with my friends?

I've tried different maps and time with both PMC and scav, just cannot get into a game, it's really frustrating to sit in endless matching queue.

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3 minutes ago, Quietly1510 said:

Re-enable auto server matchmaking and that solves it. They nerfed trying to get away with empty raids as easily.

Cool, I'll try that. But I never meant to "get away with empty raids"... I was just trying to play in the server dedicated to my region and all the other servers below 150 m/s.

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