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Ambient Wind


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I also made a reddit post on this very topic, but figured I should also drop my suggestion here as well. All my mates (and myself included) are reallllly hoping this can be taken into consideration. Seems like it could be an easy fix as well! Either way, thanks for your time and consideration.

Just going to copy and paste my reddit post to save some time (hope that's okay):

Want to start by saying I think BSG has been doing an AMAZING job with the game. Every patch that comes out not only drops a poo load of new content, and tons of QOL improvements. Having said that... this has been something that's been bugging me since day one. The ambient wind!! Every raid on every map (besides factory) it sounds like we're in a wind tunnel. It would be nice to have some raids where all you hear is the birds chirping and then GUN SHOTS. Otherwise mostly silence. When I go outside IRL I don't hear wind every day that sounds like a storm is on the horizon. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to do away with it completely. Maybe treat the loud wind the same as you do with the rain effects in the game. Some raids it's drizzling, other raids its a down pour. Maybe if you plan on having it storm in the game, have the wind pick up first... or something to that effect. Either way. Loving the game, would just be really cool to not be ear raped by wind every so often. Thanks!

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