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Hideout Healing Not working

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I might be missing something obvious here, and I hope that is the case and not a function of how the hideout is working.  I also skimmed and searched for this issue but did not find it.  If this has been addressed please point me to that discussion and delete this.


So I have upgraded my hideout, not a lot, but enough to get my healing to 504/hr.  With the generator running or off, I am only getting like 1 heal per minute, which is by my best calculation 60/hr.  Something seems off with the way the healing station(s) should work.  I tried sitting in the hideout and activating each area that offered heals but found no boost to my out of raid healing rate.  


Please assist.

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 Make a proper bug report trough the launcher while including the game logs.


Open launcher 

Click on top right where your name is on "online"

select "report bug" and fill out the forms. Logs will auto attach. 


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