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Leveled sales


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Dear BSG, Escapers, 

Since every traders should barter high end items in order to keep balance between high and low leveled players :

Why not make traders make special offers (sales), randomly set, for each loyalty levels? Items brought to sales could be purchased, in limited amount, at a very low price (could be the price the trader would buy it). 

F. E.

an M1A is traded for X barter items by Peacekeeper LL3. 

During sales (that last the time traders need to restock), M1A could be bought ~500 USD, for a max amount of 2. 

Only players with LL3 Peacekeeper are allowed to buy it. 

On the other hand LL1 (and over) would be able to buy MP5 for ~200$ instead of 10 knives. 

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