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Wolfpack EFT Pixelart

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-The wolves are at the door-




This is my latest pixelart,in wich I wanted to do something different than a character already existent in EfT but still based on Tarkov, the concept was somewhat inspired by the Town in Chaos from Darkest Dungeon with the flames and all,even though they are quite different overall.I will also add a bit of lore for some fun and flavour and the stand-alone characters below if you are interested.As always , I really hope you like it!


This pack of wolves is quite mysterious for the Tarkov denizens,as not much is known about them,only that where they hunt havok is sure to follow. There are rumors that they are in some way connected to the mysterious mark found in Tarkov,but not as heralds of the sigil but as hunters who seek the ones who worship the Marked Sign. Of course none are to be trusted in Tarkov but if one thing is sure that is that these brigands are a dangerous bunch not to be tamepered with.



Here are the characters on their own!




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