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Tower21 - NEW Sherpa from the USA!


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Please welcome the latest member to join the Sherpa program, @Tower21 from the USA!

Some of you may already know him from the forums or the official Discord server where he has been helping new and experienced players alike, especially with tactics and sniping effectively, if you need help in Tarkov honing those long shots I am sure Tower will be able to assist you!

Keep up the good work, and welcome to the team!

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Firstly I wanted to thank  GTB for suggesting that I join the sherpa program.

For those who don't know me, I'm Tower, aka Sw_The_Sniper.  I have been playing EFT since only about .7  but quickly fell in love with the game and have been on it regularly ever since (sheesh , game says 2.6k hours) .

For who I am as a player, well, the name says it all.

" The Sniper." 

 I have a back ground in precision shooting, mainly as a hobby for 9 years. I have used this experience as leverage , bending the difficult task of "long range shooting" in tarkov to be my bread and butter.

Running targets at 300?  No problem. Stationary targets at extreme ranges? I got that.   Sniping with a VSS at 475m . Yep got that too.

But perhaps the most important thing I can do , is get other people on target.

So if you need a round on it, just ask, I'll call it.


 My moto is " If you can see it , you can kill it."  and I thoroughly enjoy doing just that.

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