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Sew it good part 1

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I turned in one of my three pilgrim backpacks for Sew it good part 1 and apparently I turned in the backpack which had a lot of my stuff in it. I wasn't able to recieve any of the items that were in the backpack that I turned in.  I lost a lot of lab keycards, gernades, and vests that I had in that backpack. I should've been careful and made sure to unpack everything from all my pilgrim backpacks and then turn them in but it's still frustrating. Is this intentional? When you're selling items to traders you can't sell backpacks or vests that have items in them. In my opinion, it should be the same way for quests where you can't turn them in unless they are empty to make sure you don't accidentally lose all the items that are in it like I did.

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