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Weapon variants/presets nitpick, QoL

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This may be one of the nitpickiest suggestions here on this sub, but i digress, i really would like to see some QoL on this subject, because the game is literally unplayable at this state.

Here is a SA-58 Australian. This is the weapon variant version, it changes name after you mod it with certain parts.


This here is apparently another SA-58 Australian. Except the fact that it is not. This changed name after making a weapon preset with this specific name.


What's my nitpick about this?

Weapon variants felt special in my opinion, as in after modifying your weapon in a very specific way, your weapon would change its name as a cool little detail.

The namechange detail is lost with the new weapon presets, as whatever name you choose is put as the new weapon name. Predefined weapon variants dont stand out anymore.

How would i fix this? By having the variant text stay the same, but changing where the preset names would occur.

Perhaps something like this, although not ideal.


It does sound a little dumb making a thread about such a small issue, but this teensy tiny thing was on my mind for some time.

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hey man, you know what teensy tiny thing is on my mind right now ?


the fact that you call the austrian FAL australian


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