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matchmaking/exp advice

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Sooo, I havent rly checked if someone discussed this already, since I'm new to eft, but I've got a question considering matchmaking. I'm wondering if it's even implemented - sorry if this sounds abit blunt, but I'm trying to get into the game and constantly fail my pmc runs. Most of the times I'm dying to other players, that - after a quick friends search - turn out to be 10 - 30 levels above mine (which I admit is only 4). How does progression work, If I'm constantly getting 0 - 200 exp in a raid? Is there an alternative way to gain expierience? Now of course I can always retry, but the downtime resulting from health regeneration throws me off quite abit every time. If matchmaking is in place, does somebody know how it works (which paramters does it take into consideration while matching players for example)? 

Thanks in advance and I hope you all have a great day! 


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