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Gym in Hideout - Gated STR training with obvious drawbacks.

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Strength seems like an impossible skill to train legitimately and is probably the best skill to get levels in. Realistically throwing grenades isn't going to make you run faster and hitting your friend in the leg shouldn't give you anything.

I propose a gym (bench press) in the hideout:-

I see it functioning as a time locked activity (maybe once a day - two days) drains your energy and hydration and you incur the "overworked" status debuff. Overworked status debuff lowers your overall stamina by a few points and/or lowers your endurance(The timer and severity of this debuff would need testing). The bench should give a flat amount of skillpoints depending on level of the bench and throughout the wipe therapist unlocks items to help increase strength gain as a way for players that start later into the wipe to keep up (not catch-up but around 60-70% of the strength level of dedicated players). These might not be needed if strength skill points needed per level grow more exponentially as you level.


Pros: Time gated (no more cheesing with melee)

Models for the bench/weights are already in the game.

Catch up mechanics allow for fairer playing field where dedicated players still have the advantage.

Rest area negative debuff gets a useful buff.

New costly single use med items.

High tier food market opens up abit.

New places to find loot and could create some early game hot spots as strength training early is beneficial.

Can't hatchling the weights (loot item) away because they are too heavy for gamma.


Cons: Debuff can reduce the fun you have ingame if you decide to work out but end up playing later.

Some people like having huge advantages through cheesing strength.

Out of raid skill gain is questionable.

Missing a day puts you (slightly) behind the curve.

The catch-up mechanic does not work in a wipeless Tarkov.

Grenade price decrease?

I am still quite new to Tarkov (probably 80-90 hours total) but I feel this suggestion helps the general gameplay loop of the game for both the more casual player whilst still giving the dedicated players an edge and clears up some "fuzzy" gameplay mechanics.

TL;DR: Time gated strength training from gym equipment that give flat Strength points with new cumbersome and large loot items. Small debuff for gaining strength and increase for food market.

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