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New to Game-Any help?

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Hey Everybody. First time posting on the forum. Played the game for a few hours now over the past several weeks. I really like the game. I want to enjoy it more, but I have a difficult time enjoying it because I die a lot. I've read that is to be expected. I actually had my first extraction as a PMC tonight. I got into a gunfight with one guy while attempting to find scavs for the first Papor mission. I ended up killing him, with about 5 shots from my AK-74. I promptly snuck down, grab his modded out AK-74 and headed for the extract. I sprinted most of the way there. Unfortunately, the very next raid as a PMC I walked into a PMC that seemed to have just spawned. My AK was on single fire and I got one shot off before he shot me with his shotgun. I'm not certain, but I believe that he had just spawned and I had stumbled across him. He seemed just as surprised as me.  I'm quite confident I'll lose my AK-74 and my rig, along with my handgun and the 2-3 magazines for each that were full. They were insured, but to date I haven't had an item recovered from insurance yet.  Does anybody have any advice for a beginning player?  I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section. I couldn't find anywhere else to post it. 

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