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Camera Mode?

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I'd like to cut to the chase and say I'm a level designer and I'm looking to do a fan level of a Reserve Base apartment block, chocked full of debris, blown up poo, and the whole works. While that's great and all, I'm doing some pre-production research into how big things are in the game in relation to real-world scale. Basically, getting things on my side as 1:1 as possible. So what I've tried doing was to go ingame to take photos to do photogrammetry to capture the geometry somewhat.

This is what I'm getting so far...


While all cool and all, this is pretty shite compared to if I had a proper camera mode. Simply put, I wanna be able to fly through the map at any height and as close to any object as I want, similar to how Source has a "no-clip" mode.

The workflow I'm trying to replicate is basically pioneered by Victor Öhman from the Quixel team which can be seen here: 

Hopefully this can catch some wind in the community to where the devs pick it up and hopefully can implement a camera mode not just for LD's like myself, but for cinematic reasons for influencers ie YouTubers, streamers, content creators in general.

Fingers crossed that a dev sees this because I know you guys are looking for level designers and hello yes I'd like to apply but I wanna show a proof of concept before I apply lol

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