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Add a rank on the forums higher than Scav?

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I am getting close to the rank of Scav which you get for 2,000 post and I was looking to see what the rank after that is only to find out there isn't one. There is a lot of reputation ranks from Neutral all the way to The Legend. Obviously, if they did add a new rank some people would already have it as the person with the most post has almost 11,000 but that is okay. I also am not sure what else they could add unless they used something like hunter or legend as Scav's probably know the land better than anyone else in the lore. Please do leave suggestions on what they could name the next rank as.

Also, they could make the next milestone at 4,000 or possibly 5,000 and change the Scav requirement to 2,500 but they would probably have to make another smaller rank as Tarkov Runner is at 1,000.

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