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How and Why Essay on A.I. Balancing


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8 часов назад, arnestion сказал:

I like this essay!

But, for me it is difficult to write this way( I love this essay. True, I can't write that myself, I always go to https://samplius.com/free-essay-examples/compassion/ to see some ideas for writing. I’m just now reading some essay examples of compassion. I need this to prepare for the course in psychology.

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Yes, and I agree with all of it!

This week, I have been running with a low cost weapon and a small bag as my time to death is exactly the same regardless of how much gear I take in with me. I saved 1.5m roubles and am doing an experiment to see how many XP I can get for that.

Armoured Scavs have been shooting me in the head constantly. I manage to get one Scav kill per 5 raids, all ending in my death. I calculate I have spent 400k for 5,000 XP. After dying while trying to ambush Scavs at short range (waiting for them in Scav house with a pistol, waiting in Scav bunker for one to come and get me), I'm switching to longer range.

To increase XP, I always self-heal in the character screen.

I'm trying to slowly grind to level 10. Hopefully I'm learning valuable skills. At least I spot Scavs at a distance now, rather than get shot by complete surprise. I just need to improve my melee skills as I find that rushing them at close quarters prevents their using long weapons. But you can't pistol whip a Scav, as I found out when I had an empty TT...

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To be honest, I'm just delighted with this essay, it seems to me that not every person can write an essay and, in general, present his thoughts on paper. For example, me, I just can't write an essay myself, no matter how hard I try, so I started thinking about how to solve this problem. On the Internet, I found out that there are services that write essays to order, but there were a lot of such services, and I could not choose on my own because I doubted their honesty. I was lucky to find a service that reviewed popular essay writing sites, here you can learn more about MyPaperWriter, I can sincerely advise you this website as I myself have checked it several times already. Hope my experience helps someone, have a nice day everyone!

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