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Devblog #006 podcast, my "summary" :D

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I am sory for mistakes, i tried to catch every important infor, also that less important. 
I will underline each "more important" information in my opinion, and make space between those points, so if someone is not intresting in small changes/fixed, can ignore other parts and focus on underlined. If someone wanna re-do that into MUCH shorhet, just do that, i was doing that mostly for myself, but once i did that, i thought that i will share with it here :D.
Also if missunderstood, then i appologize for that, i did my best tho.

Reshade- staement
Nvidia turned off freestyle because it could be use as cheats (they said that, ie. using in dark corners) but they wont ban it. THey think about banning some filters tho (bsg)
add few graphic settings
question about blind colour ppl -> they might add it in future if there will be some ppl 

After 0.12 streamers got bigger views
Ability to choose servers after you wanna start raid (vs stream snipers for example)
"we thought about some options for streamers vs stream snipers" some of those issue will be fixed by thing above (choosing server)
will be there ability to hide your nickname after you kill somebody - we might/will give some special status when player reach specific lvl to hide their nick (after you kill someone)
Atm we have no things to protect streamers vs stream snipers but we might have in future.
More questions about how Nikita feels about stream snipers (he said it's not cool, but not a huge crime, we won't ban but we dont appreciate
why game allows to choose servers, it provokes ppl to switch servers, abuse ping, play dead server (in general why we can do that, why not do region lock)- *chat says stop talking about streamers*, Nikita didnt answer to that question

What do you want to do with hatchlings - Atm anylysing how to solve this problem, for exmaple there will no same routs for players, activies, there will be 1 more feature/thing i cant talk right now, we can add as for testing for 1 week or something that u wont be able to palce BARTER items into SC (during raid), thinking about restricions to place items on flea market (some of them), they will think about it (hatchlings), there is no decision yet. Players are doing their own playstyle, there should be some borders about it, but they dont wanna limit or make it pain in the ass.

Thing in commmunity that flea market was flooded by bots - THey are working on it all the time, constantly.
Subject changed to "do you guys are swearing? Cause i cant watch streams with family cause of swearing, but i like it (when ppl swear)

Back to previous topic (ammo), ppl who abuse game (re-fueling fuel tank by going into raid - might be banned since it's against ToS), there will be option to re-fuel tank. Anti bot system is beind developed (most likely flea bots)

Why they dont announce flea market changes -> Reasons above, cause of such ppl who would abuse that.

Gold sellers, how about making your OWN site with selling/buing money (EFT currency, roubles bla bla) - it's not easy to do such thing, because items got value, it's close to gambling, it's forbidden in EFT. I wanna make game, we are against selling gold/lootboxes, we are fighitng vs such thing/sites.
We will have DLC, there will be no donations like "pay 50$ and get 5milions of roubles".
Talking about app and if they wanna do 2d EFT or something - i dont wanna do such thing, but i am not saying that we wont make app for EFT or something. There will be something in future (app most likely) to use flea market via it, but Nikita does not wanna monetize it.
Question "i didnt know that u didnt like this re-fueling fuel tanks, also ppl standing in fire to lvl up stress resistance - if you see that something shouldnt work and gives you advantage (fuel, strenght lvl using melee, stress resistance) thats bad, you shouldnt do that, it's abuse (and thats banable).

"Many skills are hard to lvl, will be anything diffrent way to lvl up skills, workout in hideout or someting" - We wanna add workout and wanna add anti abuse system on skills (we have plans) i.e. there will be "skill cap" per raid, so you cant suddenly lvl up to max.
Daily quests - are planned, simple tasks, after story lane will be done
What about ppl who abuse skills but they use money, i.e. recoil buy buying mags and spamming, will be such thing possible in future that u can lvl up skills using money? you shouldnt lvl up skills even after playing x years, i am laughing that they are selling guides how to lvl up (example stress restisance for 22 roubles)

Till the end of year they plan to make many many fixes. (they are just chatting so they dont talk about deysncs etc cause those are getting fixed)

Question if maybe skills should be "limited" by lvl. Thats what we did but we have something more.

QUestion about max lvl which is 70 but after 40 there is nothing, they wanna add next lvl on traders i.e. lvl 50 and it will have "Elite" mods/weapons.

Game is very popular right now (i.e. twitch), some russian streamer was camping and viewers said that it's 1 kind of strat, same as hatchlings, but viewers was mad. "There should be some skill hemoroids which is increasing when we sit in 1 place", they can only remove "camping spots" but can't punish ppl for such things, but streamers who Nikita watch they throw grenades/flashbangs on extracts etc.
"you just join game and play and maybe got bug or crash, but we have war to keep things stabilize, cause we had another record of online ppl.

What about seperating players from solo/duos/groups - It's bad, we don't want such thing

Are any plans to join steam/epicgames it would boost game - idk if thats mystery or not, but all platforms contacted us, they want us, they wait for us, steam promised, we talked, i like steam, and we definitely will be on steam, about other platforms why not. Top priority is releasing game.

People who bought EoD (and hideout appeared) are sad becasue there will be no diffrence between standard/EoD, will be there something else, bonus or something? You have gamma, biggest stash, it's been said since start that there will be no gap after time, EoD was fund to game. There will be "Unqiue" clothing for EoD for sure.

Usec watch will work once they fix it

Rework respawns will happpen so there will be balance (i.e. shoreline and yo ucan spawn near resort or far)

Late spawns - we can't wait for all ppl, we have situacions where ppl load really slow and will appear much much later and ppl would say "hey kic kthat guy who is loading i dont have much time"
"Ok but i have good PC and i also spawn late" - Ye we know, we have to rework that system, we know whats working bad (there is somekind of widow where u can join)

Scavs spawning in front of players - we changed things 3 times.
Scav players will have diffrent time windows

Death cam -> so you can check what happened but AFTER raid is over for everyone (only mentioned that if such thing will be added, it will work like this).

They think about trader who will sell insured items (which lost time) or found in raid without insurance.

At some locations loot is too concentrated in 1 spot - loot is hard thing, they wanna do randomzied loot, keep point of interest (i.e. resort) they wanna randomzied hidden caches, maybe air drops
Face of PMC will be changed, some ability to chagne hairstyle etc, possibly. Thought about "modeling" some popular streamers and adding their heads as scavs or something. 1 stremaer head model is ready (do not remember name)

There will be DLC "Scav life" you will be able to lvl up scav, you will have chance to spawn as scav boss, quests.

suggestion,  Some reward for going into Arena, like you need get money for whole week, to buy ticket to Arena and you can get reward to your hideout or someting.

Talking that Nikita need to say something about optimization/desyncs/freezes - there is still a lot to do, they have huge plans for it, they jsut started working on it on new engine.

About sound, they wanna add steam audio, they wanna add as soon as it gonna be ready, its planned for next year.

Compass will be diffrent, you will have to look at your wrist or take it out and look at it.

Sound and artifacts - Ye they know, blame Nikita

When will be another map added. It will be streets of tarkov, we today had meeting it will be awesome, we need to do it within half year. It will be top 1 map design we can do. Hidden parts of locations, in a basement, in racks, in destoryed buildings, it wont be like many buildings and 150 flats, there will be bank, hotel etc. Like moscov but modern city.

How about labs? First you will have to find entrance on Streets of tarkov. 

"Soon we will have to wipe hideout" - didnt catch a reason, but at leat at some point they will do that. Not sure how i should understand that tho. cause i was talking via phone, so i could hear soemthing diffrent or miss something.
dunno if joking but "they will make their own pictures/posters, so players will be able to gather them (as in mafia) and palce them in hideout"
Hitmarks on helmets/armors/body - it is already in game

Question if there should be option on therapist to heal you - 70% said that yes, it will be a little bit more expansive than regular med kit, but will be related on what kind of dmg you got, what caliber etc, it will be somekind of "autopsy".

"Ability to clean your faceshield?" It's done on purpose, to balance (so faceshields are not 100% clean) possible we might have thing to clean faceshields once there will be blood or something.
There is a lot of stuff which is not being added yet (items/helmets etc)

Head hit box - Atm your head is like ball and it's simplified. You won't be able to kill (in future) via hitting "ears" from front, now you can cause of that "ball" hitbox/head.

They think about adding Contusion and that if someone shoot near your ear from shotgun you must hear worse.

They could add smoking animations, maybe adding some buffs etc

Video being played about new stuff.
- New injector, we will be able craft meds (for injector). We will improve slots, more pouches, belts.
- Mp9 
- SR-25, some sort of RSASS but cheaper

- Orsis t-5000 Sniper rifle
- some other sniper rifle, sry no clue what was that

They will re-make suprserros so they will work better/as they should. We dont have features like "hot/cold barrels" right now, but we have a lot of features for future. Higher chance for missfire etc.
Money system -> Why we dont make that once you grab money -> it's physical, but once you are in stash it;s automaticlly converted in "virtual" to stop "selling currency on 3 party sites". "Thats brilliant idea, we have some idea, we might even add ATM on locations in somekind of "safe zones" where you need to cooperate with other players, you will be able to eat there etc. but if you kill them, become hostile then raiders appears. (It was an idea for future developmnet)

Karma system for next year -> There will be places where you shouldn't kill PMC, you will get negative Karma and you will be not able to trade with traders or get "new year gift". 
"we will leave option to shoot in such safe zones, or throw grenade and kill all ppl inside, but such ppl will be fucked by having negastive Karma, wont be able to sell on flea market etc. thats just another option.

Lots of "quality changes" (which are suppose to make our life easier/improve etc) are planned. 
Presets - they still need to fix some issuess with it

There will be another podcasts where they will talk about whole year progress.

Gap between fold/disassemble button - Nikita noted that down
There will be winter DLC.

There will be NO playable female characters. I underline it, because there was BIG thread some time ago where ppl argued "why there should be such thing" :D

They made shields just for "fun" i.e. policemans guarding police station, you won't be able to get shields to your stash (as i udnerstood that u might be able to pick it up, but wont be able to take it to stash

There will be SECOND character in "diffrent world" and in such "world" there will be wipes from time to time, those are for ppl who like start from nothing etc.

Even if they said that "there will be no wipes after release" they can make refenrdum and decide later on if they need/want wipe.

Tripwieres -> There will be, u will be able to trigger them on your own (So you plant it and u will be able to blew up yourself by mistake)
SOme keys will have limit of uses, some won't. The locks will be breakable, the keys will be breakable. Maybe they will add place in hideout to make "copies" of your keys. Red card might/will open diffrent rooms in diffrent areas.
It's your mistake if you buy/sell something for wrong value. I.e. buying cheap item for a lot of cash, your mistake, learn from it.
Always raining on maps - Nikita says it's not too often, he can reduce chance for rain, but rain/fod really changes the feeling of playing?
They can change that days length will change during a year, it can even mimic real world, it is possible but then days would be super short.

Nvidia options will be limited, u wont get banned for it but will be limited. 

Will be able to make prorities for healing. Ye something similar to magazines, so you press R and might select what to heal

Thats all i am sorry that it's that long, but they suggested a lot of things, they informaed about many things and asked about many things too!



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Thanks for the synopsis but one nitpick:

The SR-25 is not a “cheaper RSASS”. Both are pretty pricey DMR rifles made by two separate companies and both based on the Armalite AR-10. I doubt they aren’t going to make one of the late tier guns. 

Thanks for the translation. 

Edited by Yukari_Akiyama

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On 12/13/2019 at 7:55 PM, Yukari_Akiyama said:

The SR-25 is not a “cheaper RSASS”

thats what i heared, thats what i note down here :D.
As i said, it might be not 100% perfect/correct, was doing that for myself tho ^^.

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Thank your for your work!

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