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No Nikita its not my ducking hardware. 

no Nikappa its not my ducking internet 

first a stupid amount of late spawns starting this week.(SSD with plenty of extra space, must be poo i7 7700k and 1080 causing the late spawns)

game won't stay connected to servers for more than.. i'd say 5 minutes max. 

auto server selection or selecting a few servers at 30 or so ping, doesn't ducking matter. 

the best part? BSG refuse to admit this is an issue and go on to sucking some streamer dick cheese and adding in new slugs that no one will ever use along with a new mosin 2.0. 


what a Joke but hey at least if i decide to hatchling run, ill just get dc'd naturally so that can be useful 

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I agree, have disconnect issues as well but they are not that often... still frustrating af when you have good spawn. Regarding addition of new content, I have no issues with that as long as it doesn't get in the way of fixing problems like crashes and stutters!

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This game has been broken all week - for me, PMC raids no longer work as server disconnects during loading loot. Surely someone in the Dev team is looking into this as many people cant play now?!

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