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Allow players the freedom to choose foregrip position

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Hi devs!

For a long time now, players in EFT are limited to placing their foregrip in one fixed position (close to the lower receiver), which I consider to be counterintuitive since the purpose of any rail system is to enable the placement of attachments in any position that the shooter prefers. To my knowledge, EFT has the most extensive modding system in any FPS game on the market today, so it feels wrong not to maximize this potential and give players the freedom of choice in foregrip, and to a larger extent, attachment placement.

When it comes to foregrip placement, there are a lot of different school of thoughts out there, and I'm not here to argue that one size fits all, that one foregrip placement is superior to another. In fact, I'm writing to argue the opposite, that players should have the freedom in EFT to place their foregrip on any position they prefer.

Case in point, my personal preference is the thumb-over-bore grip with a stubby foregrip placed close to the front end of the rail, but I can't realize this in-game because there's only one fixed position to place my foregrip. Notice that I didn't say c-clamp because in this case I'm resting my thumb on the top surface of the rail, pointing towards the target, with my support arm naturally extending forward, and no exaggerated chick wing elbow. This is a perfectly valid grip and foregrip position, employed and taught by at least two former Delta Force operators, Larry Vickers and Tu Lam, who I believe needs no introduction here. Below are two videos of them demonstrating the grip and the foregrip position.



To sum up, I suggest that EFT should allow players to place their foregrip wherever they prefer, and this should also apply to other attachments where possible.

Thanks for your time. Keep up the good work devs!

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