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A fair compromise if secure containers were changed

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Just a suggestion if secure containers were changed so you could nolonger place items into them during a raid, only use the items from them such as keys. 

Secure containers are suppose to accomplish two things in the game.

  1. Protect any small high value gear you bring into a raid from being stolen.
  2. Secure any small high value gear you find on the raid so you gain something even if you die.

The latter allows steady base stream of income from raids so players don't go bankrupt and takes the edge off dying, allowing the player feel like they've left with something after a death.

Scavs also function as a source of income but it is not steady or consistant due to RNG and the success rate of scav runs.

Gameplay concerns

So Nikita said in a podcase recently

"We thought about it. For me personally I think that every item must be disallowed from being put into the Secure Containers during the raid -- like only pull out, not put in. For me it is the perfect concept of EFT"

He made a more recent post on reddit and clarified he doesn't currently have plans to do this, he wants to take a look at how loot and scavs spawn first.

It got me thinking, if the secure container is changed, how do we retain its second function? and how can they compensate players that bought the higher level additons of the game with the intention of getting a better secure container for looting?

Steady stream of income

Lets move the steady base stream of income to a new system, the hideout has added a scav case to the game, now this is currently a high tier hideout asset that takes a lot of work to make, but there's no reason it can't start at a lower tier and have scaling upgrades, the hideout could start with it at level one with a trash tier loot table, You spend 100 roubles and earn random items worth between 400- 800 roubles at for example. It could have the option to go for 2 hour, 6 hour or 12 hour scav raids, each one increasing the number of items gathered by +1 per 2 hours.

This would also act as a login reward of sorts, players loggin to get their scavanged loot.

I need to make this clear, At a minimum, doing raids should net you twenty times the income of the scav case for your time invested. This is not in any way suppose to be a main source of income, it is a baseline to avoid bankruptcy and another resource sink.

Each upgrade increases the quality of the loot table a small amount and unlocks higher tier payment options.

Game addition compensation

Players that bought higher tier versions of the game could get lvl 1-3 scav case for free as compensation for the removal of using the secure container for loot.

Takes the edge off dying

I don't have a solution of how this could be retained but I'm not sure it matters, after you've gotten to grips with the game loss of gear becomes normal, the core asset you leave a game with after dying is experence points and game experence anyway.


Have any thoughts or questions on the proposed idea's? What do people think?

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I really appreciate the way you looked at the feature and stepped back to see how this could be applied to other existing features. Not a lot of people have been doing this when it comes to this argument, or arguments with other features, so it's very much appreciated to add to the discussion. I very much agree, once they make the container bring in only (or if I suppose, since it's only on the table), I think a scalable scav case would provide a very consistent way for newer players to keep receiving money in case they have several unsuccessful raids. Alongside this change, the intel center is also supposed to later tie in with your player scav, allowing you to upgrade the quality of its randomized loadouts, so I think these two features in conjunction would be an adequate enough replacement for the secured container to act as a safety buffer for anyone struggling with the game. It'd allow them to get more familiar with the game's features without having to reset their account to get out of the hole once they get used to the game.

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1 minute ago, TacticalToaster said:

I think a scalable scav case would provide a very consistent way for newer players to keep receiving money in case they have several unsuccessful raids.

Its a very odd trend I see with more hardcore games, the community don't tend to consider the new player experence, you get the usual attitude of "git gud". The irony is months later you see the same community complaining that the game is dying because they don't see any new player names in game.

I want to see the game have a slightly lower barrier of entry as well as a high skill ceiling.

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