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New Idea For Player Scav's


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Hey guys was just talking with some friends I play with about this scenario, let me know your thoughts down below.

So I assume the role of player scavs is to use teamwork to kill and loot PMC players and just in general work together so everyone can get a good scav run in. I would say 75% of my Scav runs consist of another player scav walking around like a bot and whoever notices the other person is real first gets the kill. I mean I've done it as well walked around like an AI and saw 2 player scavs looting and they didnt pay me any mind so i kept walking up behind them and executed both. Yeah i felt dirty and scummy about it but its the way she goes. Anyways back to the point instead of this player scav vs player scav mentality I think we should enforce some sort of negative side to executing friendly player scavs. My thought was to treat a player scav kill, as a normal scav kill would. The rest of the AI scavs would treat you as hostile just like if you killed one of your own. It just would make sense after all that is what happens when you kill an AI scav. My friend was talking about softbans for player scav kills which I think is a little too much but I think it really has gotten out of control. I mean there is plenty of loot on the map for player scavs to loot up get full and leave without bringing unnecessary violence into the situation. 

That's all thanks for reading and happy hunting😎


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Klean has gone over a bunch of scav options. One similar to the Karma system would be good (they have said karma wouldn't be for the scav mode) but for example: Killing another scav (AI or player) would increase your scav timer. Instead of the intel center reducing the cooldown of scav running, Make the CD only like 10mins (I personally have no problem with people only scav running as a "casual" way to play the game) and make higher levels of the intel center give you bonuses like a better loadout. Killing another scav could increase your timer by something significant (10 more minutes per kill). This game is going to slow down ALOT in terms of just random nade tossing and full auto spraying in the direction of movement. It will still happen but there will be consequences.

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Based off one of Klean's favorite possible changes to scav.
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