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Tarkov and AMD Gfx


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Fellow EFT players / devs,

I have just updated the Radeon Software for my amd gfx card. I believe it is conflicting with the game some way and curious if anyone else is having this issue. I will get into a raid and within 20-30 seconds the game crashes ... it happens every time. Please give me your experience with this and how to correct it. 



p.s. I want to stay current with updates so I don't believe reverting to an older driver / software is the fix. 

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Reverting could be the fix, that you want to keep the updated driver is your own choice, at least until BSG gets around to fixing the issue.

But it might be something else, you wont find out if you don’t try reverting.

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This is true ... I'll try to revert to an older driver. I will do some testing to see whether this is a software/driver issue or if it was caused by the most recent EFT patch. I'll keep others posted if you are having the same issue...

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Did reverting fix it? If it did, what version did you revert to. My game crashes randomly while in raid. Now it's even happening while in my stash. My monitors go black and say no input detected but my pc stays on. I have to hard power the system off and reboot. sometime I can go 3-4 raids no issues sometimes it's on my first raid. This is the only game that has crashed my pc.  


Rx 5700/cpu amd 2600

16gb ram

More than enough storage 

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