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Lost money(Rubles)

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Lost Money (Rubles)

Hello every1! :D  

I want to start of buy saying that i love this game (true adict), and think that the Dev-team have done great whit this Idé of gameplay,

I support you all the way! otherwise i would not have purchased ''Edge of Darkness''

And i know that you guys have a lot to do right now.. but just take a breake, and lissen fore 1,5 - 2 min :)❤️ 


(Sorry that my english is not that great)


In the past hour i have lost about 450 000 - 600 000 Rubles, I know some of you have had the same issue,

First, i lost about 250-300 000 

I thaught to myself..   nananaaa, this poo will not break me!

So i kept raiding and selling poo and stuff to get my money count up a bitt.. 



Then, Tarkov starts to act wierd 4 the 10000 time this weak, (since all the new players have started playing)

and i sat here like a dumb fool, thinking, naah naah, it will be over soon, 

(15 min later) you guys can guess what happend next,  


I lost more money (Rubles)....  💔 😢


I have, like always,  pressd the  ''Report bug'' and sent in the files and all that, with a cute message.

so know.. to my Question:

What is there to expect from now on??!!!

When im done with a raid, and have all that awesome stuff that i have picked up along the way  and the my money(Rubels) i get from selling that poo,

I want that stuff safe man, not taken away, like im the fkn santa on christmas..  guys.. comone now.










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Same here , asked for compensation im getting no where with these issues and loosing alot of time . Stoped playing for now ... and id really loved too .

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