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Regular Wipes During Live: 2 PMCs

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I have heard that wipes are not planned for the Live version of the game. I have also heard that some players only enjoy playing right after wipes. Wipes are also a great time for new players to enter the game due to an even playing field.

I feel that allowing us to have 2 separate PMCs can allow us the opportunity to have both a built up character and a character who is regularly wiped. We already pick either Bear or USEC when we first join the game. Allowing us to have the other faction and allowing us to include it in wipes can give everyone more freedom to enjoy the game. Wiped characters would play on a certain instance and non-Wipe characters would play on separate instances. I noticed that we can choose a certain time of day to join a map. Either one of those options could be for wiped-applicable PMCs or a third time option could perhaps be implemented exclusively for wiped PMCs.

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