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I am not good at this game, any tips?


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This is my first wipe with my new PC (still running below 60 constantly) and I am not very good at the game. I have 16 out of 80 raids survived and although I can get kills, I usually die before I can extract. I was wondering if you guys had any useful tips about surviving longer (I am having a lot of trouble on customs). I do sometimes make it out and make big money but I just can survive customs (or any raid) lately. I'm level 22 and don't even have my pocket watch quest done. Most of my money I got from playing the stock market. Are there any tips you guys have to help me survive longer on raids or to help me make a steady income?

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There' s a lot of tips on youtube - just do a research but i will share the simples things i keep in mind while playing - especially when dying.


  • Each death is a lesson - learn from it.
  • Survival first - loot second. It's better to get out with nothing than loose everything.

If you don't know from where you die - just launch offline mode go to the spot you died and look around. This helps greatly with understanding the map angles. 

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  • learn the map layout and where someone can/could be
  • if you kill one, there is a second one
    • never relax, battle is only over when you extracted successfully
    • do not immediately loot
  • do not feel forced to go to where the fights are, if you are not sure the path is safe
  • flank, flank and flank! 
    • do not stay at the same position the whole time after engaging or being engaged
  • don't allways go the obvious routes
  • use your Scav to make money, if you struggle with your PMC
    • pro tip: Interchange
      • get to know the locations of all the weapon containers and don't show yourself in the main hall near Kiba-store
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As a new player there are a few things that will happen to you a lot.

- You will die a lot;

- You will get lost within the maps;

- You will be running bad ammo / bad gear for a starter.

- You will have no idea how to accomplish the quests.

Those are the most common "newbie" mistakes/difficulties and here's how I thing you can improve them.

First of all, learn the maps and the spawn point of where pmcs can spawn at. This is probably the hardest thing to learn for a newbie, which being said is where to expect players and where not to. The most easy way to understand it is playing the map a lot and you will realize that you spawn in different areas, which means if you spawn there, in other raids someone can also spawn there but in order for you to know the spawns, you will need first to learn the map, so either playing it offline or just leaving a map open on the browswer will be a huge boost for you, and do not forget to learn the extractions as well!

Secondly, as a new player you should always use your scavenger raid when available, it will not only boost your senses within the maps itself but also provide a good income for you to use within your main pmc if you make it out alive.

Last but not least, you should consider finding people to play with, friends, a friendly community/clan, basically anyone who's willing to share the tales within Tarkov with you and I bet there are plenty of people out there. This will not only reduce your troubles within the raids but also provide you some backup for those times of troubles when they happen.

I hope this comment has been useful and if you have any other questions I'd be glad to answer them, happy hunting :begreat:


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1. Don't watch shitty youtubers/streamers and their tips.
2. play alot
3. If ur aim is dogshit, practice it in them fps training browser game

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a few i could think of and i few i could find online. You might know most of them, but 


  1. Holding an item and pressing R will turn it sideways so you can Tetris your gear in your Stash and/or Backpack.

  2. In order to use your Hot bar the items you want hot barred must be either in your pockets or in your tactical rig. Putting it in your bag or secure container or a case will prevent you from Hot Barring. The Same goes for Reloading Magazines.

  3. Changing Prone to Z from X will help prevent accidentally proning or crouching when trying to do one or the other.

  4. Changing sprint from Press to Continuous will allow you to Run and Melee much more efficiently rather than having to press shift again to stop sprinting and then melee.

  5. Grenades and mags are used from Left to right and from top to bottom. So be sure to place your mags and grenades the way you want them used (hot barring grenades is more efficient).

  6. When doing a "hatchling" run. don't go out completely naked. Buy a Duffle bag and Scav Vest which together cost roughly 6000 roubles for that better chance of obtaining loot. if lost you didn't lose much but if you make it out well you got more room for a small price.

  7. Work on your Tasks as soon as you can with your traders. Getting them leveled up is crucial to some cheaper more durable gear.

  8. If you have buttons on the side of your mouse make sure to utilize them and even better you can use "Alt + Mouse Button" or Ctrl + Mouse Button) to reuse the side button more than once. this is great for Discarding, Checking Mags, Slowing Speed to minimum, Tossing Grenades, Holding Breath, Changing Magnification, etc etc. You get the idea.

  9. The Flea Market is not always your friend, sometimes Therapist will offer you more for certain things. Won't tell you what gotta make sure your doing something ;).

  10. When using the Flea Market, the fee it charges you is used from your current holdings not what you make from the sale.

  11. Bandages Heal Bleeding, Med kits heal damage HP's, Splints Repair Fractures, Painkillers and vasoline relieve pain, and CMS or Surgical Kits will bring your completely Zeroed body part from 0 to 1 so you can heal it to max.

  12. If you are playing as a Scav and if you don't shoot other Scav's they will not shoot you. this excludes Scav Bosses such as Killa, he shoots PMC and Scav.

  13. If you tell a Scav to follow you via the mumble feature you can make them follow you and bait them for kills.

  14. Keep at least 1 of every Key you find eventually you will find a run that suits you.. its great to have all the keys that follow your route. Reserve is great for finding lots of keys.

  15. Jackets can spawn any type of key excluding key cards. add them to your run routes it can prove invaluable.

  16. Be sure to examine as much as you can before going out into a run so that your not stuck examining something often while looting, especially from bodies.

  17. Nuts and Bolts are a great source of income for quick runs or late game scavs where you only have 15 minutes or so left of the game. 5 of either can make you a quick 100k roubles

  18. Going to High tier loot locations can be very risky but can prove quite profitable, when you have started getting used to a map, trying making a route and adding some of these high tier locations to run. Run Straight to high tier loot areas as a scav for a chance at getting something as well plus if you don't you won't lose much. but always be sure you have gotten used to your map first. InterChange is very good for beginners just be careful for Killa.

  19. Be Careful of Extract Campers. Always pay very close attention to every detail near extraction points because mid chances are someone could be camping it.

  20. Play on Offline Factory Raids on Horde mode on selected difficulty to get better at movement and using your gun and learning the map. You don't lose anything for dying in them plus whatever you did use reverts back to what it was before you went in so no loss in anything. Doing so will give you increase your IRL skill exponentially.

  21. when on the way to destinations constantly check your mags to increase your mag drills skill quickly, doing so will increase your reload speed as you level up the skill.

  22. Contrary to most First Person Shooter games. Hip Fire can be just as if not more effective than aiming down your sight. choose your time wisely.

  23. Never immediately reload your gun after a fight unless your mag is super low, shooting only 2 or 3 shots isn't enough to reload the gun. use your ammunition wisely.

  24. when your hurt always focus on healing your head and Thorax if repairable, if there not then stomach first if its hurt. a hurt stomach will make you starve and dehydrate faster and drop your other skills down until healed.

  25. change your Quick Melee to v or preferred key, and unbind switching out to melee weapon as you'll more than likely never pull out your melee weapon over your gun.. but having a quick swing is pretty useful. This may work for some but not all but I feel its enough to put it on here.

  26. To tell if a scav is a Player faking AI or if the scav is actual AI is to stand behind him and use the come here hand action. All AI's will turn around towards you immediately and give some kind of action.. A player scav wont be able to see it so wont turn around.

  27. if you can't tell a PMC from a Scav the best way is to look at there shirt. Scav's spawn with a blue jacket on. PMC's are usually olive green digital camo jacket.

  28. If you go to trading and go to Ragman and click Services at the top you will see other Clothing you can use for your character known as Tactical Clothing. careful though its quite pricey for some.

  29. you can heighten and lower your crouch buy holding C and rolling your scroll wheel forward or back to be able to hide more of your body for a fight.

  30. pressing Caps Lock while running or walking will slow your walk to the slowest possible, this works for walking, crouching, and proning(sadly this doesnt work for sprinting into a light job). pressing Caps Lock again will put your speed back to where it was before pressing the key the first time.

  31. Your alpha container is your best friend use it only for valuables. eventually you can get a larger secure container for doing tasks in the trader or Upgrading the game to different versions.

  32. You can upgrade your Stash via your HideOut without having to upgrade the game however it is quite pricey in roubles.

  33. Upgrading some things in your Hideout can be beneficial to how much you spend to heal your character or how long till you can play as another scav. Nutrition unit, Medical unit, Inteligence center and resting space are a few decent ones to start on.

  34. you can inception backpacks(putting backpacks in backpacks in backpacks).

  35. If you don't learn something from each death then your playing the game wrong, and need to reevaluate your what your doing wrong.

  36. Tapping R twice will give you a quicker reload however when you do it your mag currently in the gun will drop to the ground. be sure to pick it up after the fight is over or after you reload.

  37. Your mag will also drop to the ground if your reloading and your inventory is full. sadly the new mags slot wont count as free space so be sure to pick up your mag off the ground if your inventory was full.

  38. If your going to go out geared with a decent gun, then at the bare minumum buy a cheap vest and helmet because carrying just a gun and no armor at all will almost guarantee your death.

  39. In order to unlock Tasks for PeaceKeeper you have to complete a few tasks for Skier first.

  40. To Unlock the Mystery Trader you need to do a few quests for The mechanic. Earliest 1 is level 10.

  41. Mechanic and Ragman Give some of the Highest amount of EXP Tasks.

  42. Peacekeeper only buys items with US Dollars not Roubles.

  43. at early level meleeing is almost useless it takes to many hits to kill someone with a basic melee weapon though it never hurts to try if your going to die anyway.

  44. In order to unlock the Kappa Container you must complete all tasks to the game then complete the task called "The Collector" you will get the kappa as a reward.

  45. In order to get the Epsilon Container you must complete the task "The Punisher pt. 6" from prapor.

  46. Pull the Hermatic Door Switch on Reserve Early Game so you can make everyone else freak out and rush the bunker for kills to give you time to clear the dorms and open the locked doors.

  47. If your going out looking for easy players to kill and you can't find any then you are probably one of them.

  48. Try to change double tap buttons to something else, as its been confirmed to take the initial single press action .03 seconds longer to take action.

  49. Laser Sights can decrease bullet spread when hipfiring.

  50. Your Head and Thorax can not be healed with a Surgical or CMS Kit. only Arms, Legs, and Stomach. so be sure to carry decent armor and helmet if gearing up.

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