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For crafting, what if the player could "brake down" items for raw materials. And then use said materials to craft :selected: items.

So for an example of this idea: a player finds a item made of plastic, he extracts with it and brakes it down to make x amount of raw material (based off the size and what the item is) that the item was made of ("basic plastic" for the example) and then uses that material to then make something made of or combined with other raw materials to craft something of use to the player.

This can be expanded by lvl of crafting skill and lvl of work bench (higher crafting skill means more raw material collected from "scraping" or "braking down" an item. and lvl of work bench would limit what the player could brake down and build. ((or something to that nature to give the player intensive to lvl)))

Image being able to repair you're own armor based on crafting skill and the materials the armor is made of in you're own hideout. And being able to take all that scav ammo that would never get used and brake it down for the powder and lead to then  reuse it craft a ammo the player would then use.

This idea would give a much needed value to all the in game items for there raw materials at least and would brake up the money runs for materiel runs and the like. 

Raw material could be limited by size of item, craft skill when "scraping" item, and amount of items needed to scrap. (x20 of 8.7mm buckshot > scrape > x1 lead x1 blue gun powder) 


Consequently this idea has a lot going for it and there are ways of limiting the ease of use or abusing it. Like making skill requirements and work bench lvl requirements and the like. And limiting over all what can and cant be built. (I don't expect to be able to build LCD screens but i should be able to scrap them for caps and a printed circuit bored or a CPU.)

I would love thoughts and input on this idea.

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A great idea , but not for this game or current state.

Waste of time , since experienced players making easy money runs then buying sets of gear to PVP on labs or any different map.

Why would i waste time searching materials , when i just can waste my easy earned money and buy everything i need instantly. 

Btw there is a small amount of crafting mechanics in the game already, in the hideout you can build\upgrade you stash , food , craft meds , pay scavs to bring you some loot and you also can build a bitcoin farm. 


The only way is see players will use it , is in the very low levels. which will only hold couple hours since it's very easy to level up after watching couple guides or making couple "good" runs.

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I agree with Kirisaki. This just isnt something thats needed in EFT IMHO. If you think about the lore and setting, theres absolutely no reason that a PMC operative would start mining for ores when hes trying to GTFO from a proxy war zone.

You made a nice and thorough suggestion, but its just not something for EFT! 

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