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[XCM] Xtreme Counter Mesures - Recruitment Thread


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Welcome to out recruitment thread!

We here at XCM salute you soldier!



We are a fairly new clan existing of some very oldschool players. The core of us date back to the launch of the game and have mostly seen it all.
As a community we focus mainly on Escape from Tarkov but we try other shooters on occasion.

As a clan itself we are based in Europe, but we will accept anyone in our community!

We accept anyone and everyone as long as they are willing to act mature and follow some basic guidelines explained in our Discord.
English is the main langauge we use, however we also use a system where tags are added for the languages spoken to keep track of this more easily.
More about this will be explained in the Discord section.

All in all, we have a fun little community wich we seek to expand with more like minded people!


If you have any further questions, leave a message, PM me or just join the Discord!



- A mature and friendly environment for new and veteran players alike

- Designated Squads / Ranks ( Example; Quest oriented, loot oriented etc )  (**Being implemented**)

- Training Sessions / Mission Sessions / Money Sessions

- Training Missions (**Being Implemented**)

- Well organized Discord server with all sorts of fun gadgets / Language cards / information and much more to be implemented

- A friendly and capable staff

- Extensive game knowledge

- In depth theory crafting / testing armor and weapons

- Kills hall of fame

- And MUCH MORE to follow!




- A working microphone

- Basic English speaking / writing

- A mature attitude

- Teamspirit!

- Willing to follow some basic rules / guidelines in our Discord

- A short interview after joining our Discord

- A little Cheeki Breeki!



XCM Discord Server - CLICK HERE to Join


Upon entering our Discord, please contact someone from Staff for you're interview.

We hope to see you soon!



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