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Sound System Improvement


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I played this game for some time now and I noticed the sound is fantastic in a way but in another way could use some improvement. 

When using headphones I think the gravel sound is too loud and too pronounced. I also think this gravel sound could have a 1 or 2 variations, depending on what type of surface you are. For example, walking on earth and on a wooden floor with some dirt on it I guess, sounds exactly the same. 

Also, walking on metal sounds like the guy is stomping his feet for no reason. Like he's wearing 10kg boots. I understand that they're probably using hard rubber boots that aren't very flexible but I think that could also have some sound variations.

TLDR; Make gravel sound a bit more quiet with headphones and add a variation of two to it, and make the sound of walking on metal a bit different so it doesn't sound like the guy is stomping his feet on purpose.

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Yes they need HUGE amounts of work on sounds, players and scavs make no sounds for me when they are on stairs. Our squad could clearly hear a scav to or right but when we moved he shot from the left. team member moved to look for right scav and there was nothing there and no way for scav to move around from that position. We hear shots that sound close but when we check there is nothing and we see the fight miles away.

I don't know anyone that walks as loud as my character irl, why zip the bags back up or close box's after searching???? More noise for the sake of it.  ( give the option to close if we want )

Sounds NEED HUGE amount of work.

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Hello sir,

we are working on improvements with our audio engine, in upcoming updates we plan to implement the Steam Audio, for sure you will notice the difference.

Thank you for your feedback!

Since the topic was answered, I am locking it.


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